About Dive Maui


Our philosophy is simple, we believe people protect what they love.  We love the ocean. It is our honor and pleasure to share the underwater world so that you may come to love it too.

At Dive Maui we consider ourselves to be ambassadors for the oceans and the natural world.  

Our dive trips are designed to give you the best possible encounters and interactions with nature. Through these experiences we believe individuals learn to appreciate, love, care, cherish, nourish, and most importantly, conserve the world’s environment and ecology.  

Dive shop with focus on quality and individual experiences

When you dive with us you can expect exceptional service. We are a small, family owned dive shop and we emphasize quality over quantity.  Our boats and groups are small making your dive trip safe and fun.

Our courses and discovery dives are taught on an individualized basis by passionate instructors who live for sharing the beauty of the natural world and want you to succeed.