The Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

For many SCUBA fans, diving is more of a personality trait than a hobby. And as anyone who broaches the topic with an enthusiast will soon find, divers love to talk about the sights they’ve seen, their favorite trips, and dives they hope to take someday. In fact, if there is anything difficult to discern about the diver in your life, it’s probably knowing what gifts to get them. After all, SCUBA can be an expensive hobby, so getting your loved one unnecessary or duplicative gear can quickly turn into an expensive mistake.


To help, we’ve compiled the following list of gifts that are sure to be perfect for any SCUBA aficionado you may know. The items range from inexpensive essentials like dry bags and mask straps to more expensive outlays such as dive computers and underwater cameras. This means there is sure to be something for almost any diver and budget, regardless of their experience level.


Dive Torch

Give the gift of diving adventure to any diver you love with an underwater torch. If your diver isn’t very experienced, you may wonder what utility they can get out of a dive torch. After all, if they aren’t a night diver, what do they really need to light up? 


Well, the truth is, a dive torch can be useful to have anywhere underwater that gets dark. This means it can be useful even on relatively simple dives that may reach an unclear depth or otherwise contain portions that are shaded. 


And if you’re already looking for a good excuse to sign up your diver for a night dive, gifting a torch can be a great way to symbolize this experience.


Dry Bag

Things often get wet on a dive trip, and if you don’t have a good dry bag, this could be your things we are talking about. A dry bag is just what it sounds like, a waterproof bag that is used for storing essentials that need to be kept out of the water’s way on a dive trip. And while you may be tempted to go for the cheapest option, it is often best to go with a more expensive bag if you truly will be relying on its imperviousness to water.


Mask Strap Cover

You may be wondering, “What exactly is a mask strap cover?” After all, why would a strap need a cover?


Well, basically, it’s a cover that keeps your masks strap from ripping out your hair every time you take it on or off. The rubbery texture of most mask straps sticks to hair and can make this process unnecessarily painful.


This is where a mask strap cover comes in, typically made of neoprene, these covers allow mask straps to stay in place when active and are easily removed without hair getting caught or tangled.


Dive Computer

Dive computers may look just like any other run-of-the-mill smartwatches, but they are actually an indispensable piece of equipment for a serious diver. A dive computer is a notch above the other gifts we’ve listed so far in terms of expense. Even an entry-level dive computer, such as the Cressi Donatello, can easily cost $300, or more.


If you have the money, and your diver has the need for one, however, there are fewer more practical gifts that you could give a diving fan than a dive computer. This is a highly personal choice, so be sure to let your diver help pick out their computer if you aren’t sure what style and features they may be looking for.


Underwater Camera

Is your diver always ready to regale you with fish tales from their trips once they reach dry land? Well, maybe it is time to spice up storytime with some photos. Nothing can help bring a diver more joy than looking at pictures from their previous trips, and a good underwater camera is perfectly suited for facilitating access to these memories! 


A reasonably priced underwater camera can often be had for around $250, such as Ricoh WG-70. Just be sure to compare different levels of waterproofing, as some cameras will only be good until a certain depth.


We’re Always Here to Help!


And there you have it, six pieces of dive equipment that are sure to make perfect gifts for any diving fiend you know. From inexpensive items such as mask strap covers to more pricey dive computers, there should be something for almost everyone. Of course, be sure to inventory what you know they already have first, to avoid doubling up on something they don’t need!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of top gifts for divers and that you’ve learned something new along the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we here at Dive Maui would be happy to help you with any SCUBA, snorkeling, or whale watching needs you may have. Until the next time, when we see you on the island, Aloha!