Carthaginian wreck + shark and turtle dive

Just a short distance off Maui’s shore, under the stunning Pacific blue water, lies a slice of history. Join us for a 2 tank guided boat trip to dive the Carthaginian wreck and a second, shallower, wreck dive with turtles and sharks.

Best Carthaginian wreck Dive on Maui

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Carthaginian wreck diving

Intimate diving experience


Surface interval snack included


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Your air and your deco rule your dives

Maui wreck, shark, and turtle dive

Just a short distance off Maui’s shore, under the stunning Pacific blue water, lies a slice of history.  Join us for a 2 tank guided boat trip to dive the Carthaginian wreck and a second, shallower, wreck dive with turtles and sharks.

Join us for a 2 tank guided boat trip to dive the Carthaginian wreck

Our first dive will be at the Carthaginian, a semi penetrable wreck that rests at 100 feet. The Carthaginian is a haven for white tip reef sharks, frog fish, eels, and more. 

Eagle rays, dolphins, and whales (when they are in season) are frequently seen swimming past the wreck in the blue. Guests are regularly treated by visits from the Atlantis Submarine as well. 

After a surface interval we will dive a shallower wreck off Maui that is home to sharks, turtles, frog fish, schools of reef fish, and healthy corals.

Carthaginian wreck diving maui

Diving at the Carthaginian wreck

As you descend along the mooring line in the crystal clear water, the outline of a large ship below you gets clearer and clearer. 

Finally, at 100 feet, you reach the bow of the Carthaginian, a replica of an old whaling ship.  You begin your exploration at the deepest point of the site by circumnavigating the wreck. 

Say hi to a shark

In the sand around the ship you spot a white tip reef shark and eagle rays.  Shallowing up a little, you investigate the Carthaginian itself and find nudibranchs and frogfish living on the wreckage. 

Your guide leads you to the penetrable hull, you drop down, and your eyes adjust to reveal another reef shark and a rare ghost pipefish. 

As your dive winds up, the Atlantis Submarine travels past and you pose for photos and wave to the passengers who are in awe that humans can actually dive that deep. 

You surface with a secret sense of happiness that little kids saw a human swimming safely with a shark and hope they won’t be afraid of them in the future.

Shark and Turtle Dive Maui

After the Carthaginian dive your captain sails the boat to a second site that is much shallower, around 40 feet. You backroll into the water and descend on a condemned pier that has transformed into a vibrant reef. Schools of fish surround the wreckage that has accumulated colorful corals and sponges.

Turtles swim all around in organized chaos as you search for camouflaged frogfish, making it hard to decide where to look. You follow your instructor as they lead you through the obstacle course of the wreck, swimming under and through the old dock where you spot a pregnant reef shark resting under a section of cement and pause to admire her beauty. As you make your way back to the boat you focus on the multitude of turtles that gracefully soar through the clear water.

The best dive company for diving the Carthaginian wreck on Maui

We’ve been diving Maui for nearly 30 years and are the perfect operator for your Carthaginian Wreck dive adventure.

Our shop is conveniently located in the center of Lahaina and our comfortable boats get you to the dive sites quickly.

You’ll enjoy an epic day of diving in small groups with our friendly staff who are experts at spotting marine life.

Plus, the Dive Maui team knows divers like to dive;

We are the only company that allows you to stay underwater for a full hour on both dives so you can optimize your bottom time.

Best dive company Maui
History of Carthaginian Wreck

What is the history of the Carthaginian wreck?

The Carthaginian Wreck is the second ship to bear the name “Carthaginian”

The original Carthaginan was a whaling ship that appeared in the 1966 movie “Hawaii” based on the James Michener novel.

After filming, the Lahaina Restoration Foundation purchased the Carthaginian and turned the ship into a floating museum in Lahaina harbor to educate visitors about Lahaina’s whaling history.

In 1972, the museum ship ran aground and was destroyed.

What is included in the tour


2 spectacular dives.


Fresh and healthy surface interval snack.


Stops for marine life such as dolphins and whales!


Souvenir Dive Maui water bottled made from recycled plastic to keep you hydrated on the boat.


Professional photos for purchase.


Rain ponchos for inclement weather

What makes this tour special


This is a special advanced charter.  You will be with other experienced divers.


Experienced instructors and captains who love what they do and love sharing it with you.


Small group sizes and individualized attention so you have fun and feel safe.


Maximized bottom time, your air and your deco rule your dives.  


Current rental equipment.  Our BCD’s have integrated weights and regulators have dive computers so you are comfortable in the water.


Conservation oriented.  Our crew cares about the health of the ocean ecosystem and does our best to have eco friendly practices.

Location: Maui

Depth: 100 feet

Visibility: 100 feet +

Who it’s for: The Carthaginian is a deeper dive so it is best to hold an advanced certification. If you don’t hold an advanced certification, we can do a checkout dive on our Lanai boat charter prior to the trip.

What makes it special: The Carthaginian wreck is a slice of history that has accumulated a great deal of life.  There are often sharks and rays playing around the ship and in whale season it is possible that a humpback might swim past the site.


1223 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761

Our guests love our Carthaginian wreck Dive

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best Carthaginian wreck Dive in Lahaina.

Best 5 star review

Did a day of boat diving and a whale watch the next day. Both were fantastic. Great staff, nice boats. Can’t wait to come back.

Mike Eckhaus

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

We had the most amazing adventure with Dive Maui. The hosts were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the whale watching tour was the highlight of a 15-day vacation

Mike Brixius

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

5 stars for Dive Maui— perfect afternoon trip. CJ and d Capt Joe were great. Thanks for a memorable adventure

Marybeth Devlin Leonard

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Yes!!!! Wonderful morning with Levi and Dom. Nice small group. Whales, Turtles etc…….SUPER! Can’t brag enough.

Becky George

From TripAdvisor

Best 5 star review

Best dive ever. Nine divers, 4 staff, two in the water, means better service than a 5 star restuarant. Courteous, competent, friendly.

Larry Reilly

From Facebook

What do you see when Wreck Diving at the Carthaginian?

At 93 feet long, the Carthaginian Wreck is impressive itself, but the marine life that calls the ship home is spellbinding. Several white tip reef sharks can be spotted in the sand and in the hull of the ship. The Carthaginian is a good spot other “big stuff” as well —we often encounter eagle rays, dolphins, and the occasional humpback (during whale season). We also find frogfish, scorpionfish, ghost pipefish, nudibranchs, puffers, and sargent major.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Carthaginian Wreck

What to expect at Carthaginian wreck?

A beautiful deep dive in crystal clear tropical water full of marine life and history.

How experienced a diver do you need to be to dive the Carthaginian wreck?

Since the Carthaginian lays at 100 feet, you need to hold an advanced certification for this charter. We also do checkout dives if you aren’t advanced certified and would like to visit the Carthaginian.

Are there any restriction(s) on this trip?

You must be a certified diver and 14 years old to dive the Carthaginian. In special circumstances we can take younger divers and snorkelers, but please contact us for details.

Where is the Carthaginian Wreck?

The Carthaginian Wreck is a quick boat ride from Mala Ramp. It is located in the water just off Lahaina harbor.

What is the best time of year to see sea turtles on Maui?

Turtles call Maui home all year long. Anytime you visit Maui you are likely to see our resident turtle population.

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