Conservation & Sustainability

Dive Maui strives to ensure that our business and diving practices are environmentally sustainable to safeguard the ocean for generations to come.  Each member of our team is committed to environmental stewardship because we appreciate how privileged we are to call Hawaii our home. We are dedicated to following standards and protocols to dive sustainably.  

The Dive Maui team has partnered with the Malama Kai Foundation to install moorings on Lanai so we, and other dive operators, can dive without dropping anchors that destroy reefs.  Our team has taken a leadership role in the mooring line project. We are proud to have installed the last 15 moorings on Lanai that are permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers.

We guarantee the following environmental practices at Dive Maui:

-Our facilities and boats are 100% free of single use plastic water bottles.  We use refillable jugs for water and juice and gift each diver with a reusable souvenir water bottle made from recycled material.

-Our staff maintains the best environmental practices above and below the water.  Our dive briefings provide guests with information on how to minimize our impact on the site.  In addition, our staff practice diving protocols that help guests and students improve their techniques in the water, enabling you to get the most out of every dive while cultivating a respect for the marine environment.

The heart of our business is sustainable tourism.  We welcome any questions and discussion about our standards because we know that only through collaborative effort can we effectively protect the ocean for those who come after us.