Guided Shore Dives Maui

When you’re on vacation you don’t always want to wake up early to get on a 7am boat – there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed pace, personal attention, and private groups then diving Maui from shore was made for you!

Whether you’re a single diver or a group, beginner or advanced, let us create a custom diving itinerary for you.

COVID-19 Tour Updates

The Dive Maui team believes it is our responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Current Maui County regulations limit group charters to 50% coastguard regulated capacity to allow for social distancing. All our scuba trips and whale watches will now be VIP TOURS with even more space and smaller groups!!!! As a result of the capacity change, our prices have been temporarily adjusted for this season. We really appreciate your support and hope to share amazing diving and whale watching experiences with you.

Our Cathedralsboat operations are running! Join us Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to dive Lanai's Cathedrals. All trip availability is visible and bookable online for the same price as on the phone. We are currently limiting our boat to 7 divers and 2 snorkelers to maximize safety and experience.

Want to go whale watching? Contact us about affordable 2 hour private whale watches on our high speed raft.

If you’d like to book a private charter or a guided shore dive please call us at 808-661-7333.

Best Guided Shore Dive on Maui

$120 first dive / $50 second dive same day

When you are ready!


We customize our shore dives to fit your schedule

2-6 hours

1223 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761

Shore diving maui

Private diving experience


Rental gear included


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Schedule the dives around your availability

Private Guided Dives

Shore dives allow our instructors to pay even closer attention to your needs. The Dive Maui team takes care of you from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you’re finished with your diving adventure. Your instructor will fit you for equipment and assemble your gear for you so there’s no need to mess around with any heavy lifting.

Then your instructor will do a briefing to orient you to the site and formulate a dive plan that fulfills your goals. We accommodate divers of all levels and can use these dives to build your comfort in the water or to search for the hard to find creatures for photo ops. When the dive is over, we take care of the gear and you can relax and think about where you’ll go for a post dive snack.

Private Guided Dives

Best custom diving experience on Maui

Looking for something special out of your dive? Let us know!

The Dive Maui team can help you formulate the best diving itinerary for your time on island. We offer single tank shore dives, double tank shore dives, and night dives from shore. We also offer special pricing for groups and multiple dives on the same day.

Want to dive Maui but have mixed skill levels in your group? No problem! Guided shore dives are the best way for certified and non-certified divers who want to dive explore together. Please reach out to us, tell us about your situation, and we will help you find a diving schedule that fits.

We visit the best shore dive sites on Maui

An easy walk from the beach and a short kick from shore, Maui’s reef system is abundant in life. Depending on the time of year and site you might dive with turtles, sharks, mantas, and Maui’s large endemic fish population.

Our instructors pay attention to ocean conditions and recommend dive sites based on what is best for you on the day of your dive. If you have your heart set on a certain site we will do our best to take you there but we are always honest with you if we have any concerns about the conditions.

Most of Maui’s reefs are at around 40 – 50 feet, meaning you should get a full hour of bottom time to explore!

Location:West Maui

Depth: 40 – 50 feet

Visibility: 100 feet +

Who it’s for:All certified divers

What makes it special:Guided shore dives give our staff the best chance to personalize your diving experience.

Depending on your needs we can tailor the time, location, and depth for your dives.

It’s even possible to incorporate certified and non certified divers into the same group so your whole group can enjoy Maui’s reefs together regardless of skill level.


Mala Ramp, Lahaina, HI 96761

Our guests love our Guided Shore Dive

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best private diving experience on Maui.

Best 5 star review

The whole crew is simply awesome. Both dives were amazing. Special thanks to Jeff for all his care as it’s been awhile for me and for all the hospitality. Can’t wait to come back to Maui and be out with Dive Maui again! Mahalo

Evan Levitt

From Google

Best 5 star review

We had a fantastic day with Dive Maui. Such a nice, helpful and patient crew. If you’re about to go on a dive trip, go with Dive Maui – best we’ve ever tried.

Mette Olesen

From Google

Best 5 star review

A really well-organized and professional dive.

The dive instructors were fun and well-informed. I will go back to these guys for my next underwater adventure.

Dan Barton

From Google

Best 5 star review

One of my best Scuba experiences. Equipment was good quality, and we never felt rushed. Don’t let the run down store front fool you, this is a top notch Dive shop!

Reid S

From TripAdvisor

Best 5 star review

Excellent service from the first minute you walk in.
Went on two dives and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for excellent service!

Simon Dian

From Facebook

What is included in the tour


Scuba dive at one of Maui’s best reefs. We determine dive location day of based on current conditions.


Private and personalized diving experience. Just you and your instructor.


Full set up scuba equipment including a BCD with integrated weights.


Predive briefing on the site including pointsof interest and probably marine life sitings.


Postdive briefing where your instructor can answer any questions and help you identify fish and other wildlife seen on the dive.


Second dive on the same day at a discounted rate.

What makes this tour special


All shore dives are booked privately and customized to your needs.


Your experienced PADI instructor will take care of your safety underwater and make sure you see the highlights of the dive site.


Maximized bottom time. Your air and your decompression limit rule your dive. If you have enough air you can stay underwater for a full hour.

Explore Maui’s most beautiful reefs with our local guides

Our staff love to dive – we even dive on our days off and these are the sites we spend the most time at recreationally ourselves.

When you dive with us, we take you to our favorite spots and introduce you to the things that make them special. Because we dive here all the time, we’re able to spot wildlife, corals, and even lava shoots that you may not otherwise notice.

Our goal is to provide you with a fun, safe diving experience you will remember forever.

Mala Wharf Scuba Site

Walking distance from the dive shop, we are stoked to have Mala as our house reef.

Mala Pier was destroyed in 1992 by Hurricane Iniki. The underwater wreckage has created an adventure packed dive site where you can navigate through wreck formations while dozens of turtles surround you.

If you can take your eyes off the turtles for just a second, chances are good you’ll spot frogfish, sharks, eagle rays and more. When diving Maui from shore, Mala is a must.

Mala Wharf Scuba Dive
Slaughterhouse Bay diving

Slaughterhouse Bay

Enter the water from one of Maui’s best beaches and swim a short distance at the surface before descending for your dive.

Slaughterhouse is a stunning reef dive. You can expect beautiful coral, schools of fish, and the occasional turtle or eagle ray.

From time to time we spot special macro life here, like seahorses, too.

Olawalu Reef / Beach

Olawalu is a gorgeous sand beach and makes for an easy shore entry to start your dive.

Follow the sloping bottom off the beach and explore tons of coral formations alive with fish and turtles.

This shallow dive often has water clearer than your brightest instagram filter!

olawalu beach diving
honolua bay diving

Honolua Bay

During the winter months Honolua Bay gets some of the big waves that make Maui famous, the waves that surfers love also bring nutrient dense water into the reef keeping it healthy.

In the summer months, and on special winter occasions, Honolua Bay is a must!

The coral formations are exceptional, you’re bound to see some large turtles, and mantas are even spotted in certain seasons.

Airport Beach Maui

A short drive from Lahaina town, Airport Beach is a great Maui dive.

The shallow reef system has interesting corals, endemic fish, and turtles. If you’re an advanced diver, it is also possible to access a second reef system that has a lot of cool critters at around 80 feet.

Essentially, this is a great dive for anyone and a favorite for our instructors.

airport beach diving

Frequently Asked Questions on our Guided Shore Dives

What is the best time of day to shore dive on Maui?

As a general rule the water tends to be calmer in the morning, making for easier entry and better visibility when diving. Mother nature isn’t always under our control and there are seasons where afternoon diving can be better too. So really, anytime can be a good time to shore dive. Our shore dives are private and we can schedule around your vacation plans and the weather.

How important is it to book in advance?

Booking in advance is the best way to avoid frustration for not finding any places left. Especially if you are traveling during the high season, make sure you book well in advance! The sooner, the better.

What diving equipment do I need to shore dive?

You’ll need a full set of scuba gear: BCD, regulator, mask, fins, weights, tank, and a wetsuit if you get cold. If you have your own gear, please bring it because it’s always best to use your own equipment. Don’t have any gear? No worries, all equipment is included in the price of your dive.

Are there any restriction(s) on this trip?

Snorkelers and introductory divers are welcome on our Lanai boats, but only certified divers may enter the overhead environment of the Cathedrals.

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