2 Tank Drift Dive Tour to Lanai

A short boat ride from our shop, Maui’s neighboring island, Lanai, has unique underwater scenery molded by Hawaii’s volcanic history. 

Join other experienced divers and explore Lanai’s hidden gems.  We’ll cover a lot of coastline on this trip and often meet spinner dolphins who love to play in the boat’s wake.

Start May 2022

COVID-19 Tour Updates

The Dive Maui team believes it is our responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We are limiting our charters to 75% capacity to allow for social distancing.  That means all of our scuba trips and whale watches will now be VIP TOURS with even more space and smaller groups!!!!   We really appreciate your support and hope to share amazing diving and whale watching experiences with you.

Our boat operations are running!  Join us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to dive Lanai's Cathedrals.  Join us Thursdays for our advanced Hammerhead charter.  All trip availability is visible and bookable online for the same price as on the phone.  We are currently limiting our boat to 14 divers to maximize safety and experience.

If you’d like to book a private charter please call us at 808-661-7333.

Drift dive tour to Lanai


Tuesdays (From May 2022)



6-7 hours

1223 Front Street in Lahaina

Lanai Drift

The more you dive with us, the more you save!  

 *All refunds are made, by request, after the last day of diving. Refunds must be fulfilled within 30 days to be valid.

10% off a 2 hour whale watch for boat and shore dive guests

5% refund for 2 days of diving
10% refund for 3 days of diving
15% refund for 4 days of diving
20% refund for 5 days of diving


Family friendly dive in a small group


Lunch during the surface interval


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Scuba or snorkel experience

Drift Dive tour to Lanai

A short boat ride from our shop, Maui’s neighboring island, Lanai, has unique underwater scenery molded by Hawaii’s volcanic history.  Lanai is best known for the Cathedrals, a bucket-list dive for good reason, but the island has many more epic dives to offer.

Our Lanai 2 Tank Drift Dive takes you off the beaten path, to the advanced sites we don’t dive on our Cathedrals 2 Tank Charter.

Join other experienced divers and explore Lanai’s hidden gems.  We’ll cover a lot of coastline on this trip and often meet spinner dolphins who love to play in the boat’s wake.

Lanai 2 Tank Drift Dive charter

On our Lanai 2 Tank Drift Dive charter we travel to the far Westside of Lanai and dive at remote sites that few people visit.  Prepare to be amazed as we access dozens of advanced sites along Lanai’s seacliff coast on our comfortable raft. 

These are drift dives, meaning the boat drops you off, the current takes you effortlessly through the dive, and the captain meets you at the end.

You can expect to see diverse underwater scenery on this trip including beautiful walls, fun swim throughs, abundant reef fish, interesting critters, and colorful coral.  These sites are also deeper and provide a greater chance to encounter marine life like mantas, whale, sharks, and other pelagics.

Lanai 2 Tank Drift Dive charter

For experienced divers

Our Lanai Drift 2 Tank Trip is for experienced divers in good physical condition who hold an Advanced Certification, have 25 logged dives, and have dived in the last 6 months. 

Divers must have good buoyancy control and air consumption and be able to easily enter and exit the water wearing their dive gear.  We do not take snorkelers on this charter.

The best Maui dive company

Dive Maui has been diving Lanai since 1991.  Our experienced team of Captains and Instructors are experts at spotting the best wildlife and showing you Maui County’s hidden gems underwater and topside. 

Our group sizes are small, no more than 7 divers per guide, so you’ll receive personalized attention from your instructor who will guide you on two exceptional drift dives and answer your questions about marine life.

Plus, the Dive Maui team knows divers like to dive; we’re the only company that allows for extended dives (one hour, air permitting) so you can optimize your bottom time.

best Maui dive company for Lanai Drift Dives

Location: Lanai

Depth: Max Depth 100 feet

Visibility: 100 foot +

Who it’s for: Divers who hold an advanced certification, have 25 logged dives, have been diving in the last 6 months, and are physically able to enter and exit the water wearing SCUBA gear.

What makes it special: Explore the less frequented dive sites on Lanai with other adventurous and advanced divers on this charter.


1223 Front st, Lahaina

Our guests love our Drift Dive tour to Lanai

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best Lanai Cathedrals Dive in Lahaina.

Best 5 star review

I had a great time diving with Dive Maui last week. I did a 2 tank dive just south of Lanai. Our guide Dom made sure to point out cool things, including lobsters, a reef shark and a large snail eating a sea anemone. 

Amanda Carson

From Google

Best 5 star review

Best dive ever. Nine divers, 4 staff, two in the water, means better service than a 5 star restuarant. Courteous, competent, friendly. They know their stuff, love to pass on their knowledge, and just care while still having fun. Oh, and a hundred dolphins frolicked through our dive group at Cathedral!

Larry Reilly

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Great operation for divers.

No cattle boat feel, wonderfully personal and no setting of 40 minute bottom times. If you love to boat dive, this is your place while diving the west side of Maui, Lanai and Molokai.

Dave Schubert

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

We did 2 tank lanai cathedral dive in Feb 2020. Professional staff and good quality equipment. Dives were adjusted to the level of divers, their experience and physiological capabilities. Great atmosphere and tasty snacks on ship!

Wiktor P

From TripAdvisor

What is included in the tour


Two exceptional dives on Lanai.


Deli lunch at the surface interval (vegetarian option available) 


Reusable souvenir water bottle


Rain ponchos for inclement weather


Option to rent SCUBA equipment for an additional fee


SMB (surface marker buoy) for each diver as a safety measure

What makes this tour special


Experienced instructors and captains who love what they do and love sharing it with you.


Small group sizes and individualized attention so you have fun and feel safe.


Maximized bottom time, your air and your deco rule your dives.  If you have enough air you can have 2 hour long dives.


Current rental equipment.  Our BCD’s have integrated weights and regulators have dive computers so you are comfortable in the water.


Conservation oriented.  Our crew cares about the health of the ocean ecosystem and does our best to have eco friendly practices.

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