Five Great Adventures to Do on Maui with Kids

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Five Great Adventures to Do on Maui with Kids

Teaching your kids valuable life skills firsthand is something we can all strive for. For example, we all know that proper water conservancy habits, like turning the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth, are important skills to instill in our children. After all, the Earth’s surface is covered with 71% water, of which an astonishing 96.5% is found in our oceans. Obviously, for many parents teaching their children to respect this natural resource is an important, yet difficult, task to make interesting. 

This is just one reason why a family vacation to Maui can be a great idea, as it can easily be used as a way to introduce your children to the wonder and majesty of the ocean in a fun and interactive way. In fact, can any trip to Hawaii be considered complete without a trip to the beach and a dip in the Pacific Ocean? 

And there are many more famous Maui activities, such as scuba diving and whale watching, that are sure to help create a lasting life-long connection and bond between any child, the ocean, and its creatures. Be sure to stick around for the details of all of the Maui activities, but if you’re in a rush you will find the full list below:

1) Go Whale Watching Like a Local

2) Learn to Surf With a Maui Surf Clinic

3) Discover Scuba Diving

4) Give Snorkeling a Try

5) Picnic on the Beach

Go Whale Watching Like a Local

Whale watching is just one of the fun Maui activities the islands are known. And this is for good reason, as the islands of Maui county have created the perfect sheltered area between them, known as the Au’au Channel, where humpback whales are known to overwinter. Few things can compare to the beauty of seeing one of nature’s largest creatures cresting above the dazzling Pacific waters. Luckily, we at Dive Maui get to experience this wonder often as a part of our frequent whale watching tours. 

And whale watching is a great activity for kids, as it allows them to see and appreciate wildlife in its natural habitat, as it was meant to be enjoyed. But it also is a surprisingly interactive activity as children can take part in the “hunt” for a whale sighting. In fact, you would be surprised how many of our first sightings come from excited, eagle-eyed kids, they really seem to enjoy the fun. 

Tours run multiple times daily during the season (December to April), and are typically two hours, which is also great length of time for younger children who may not have the attention span to be able to handle longer excursions. 

Learn to Surf with a Maui Surf Clinic

Who wouldn’t love to surf while in Maui? The only problem is that no one is born with the ability and most people visiting think it is either too time intensive, or physically draining, to possibly be worth trying to learn on a short trip. But, with the proper instruction, nothing could be further from the truth. Luckily, there are many local Maui surf clinics that will be happy to get you kitted out and riding waves in no time. Many outfits also offer lessons for both first-timers and kids, so if mom and dad are unfamiliar, they can learn right alongside their children. This is an especially great activity for families with teenagers, who may be especially game to pick up such an “extreme” hobby.

Regardless, surfing is one of those Maui activities that everyone should give a try at least once in their lives. This is because few things capture the spirit of the islands like the freedom you feel when catching a wave. It might sound hokey to call surfing a commune with the ocean, but when you’re out there all alone with the waves, it’s hard not to feel as if you have been swallowed up by something larger.


Discover Scuba Diving 

Shore diving maui

The crystal clear and calm waters surrounding Maui make it world famous as an ideal place to learn how to scuba dive. And we here at Dive Maui have a true passion and enjoyment for teaching true beginners how to dive. And we might be biased, but we think we are the best place to learn to Scuba on the islands, and the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine agree, that’s why we got a Reader’s Choice Award from them in 2018.

And Dive Maui is also a great choice of place for the family to learn to dive together, we have experience instructing children aged 10-14, as long as they are comfortable in the water, and anyone over 14 is treated as an adult,

You will be instructed by PADI certified dive instructor, and all of your equipment and fees are included in the price of the package. But almost more important than our instructors’ experience and certifications, is their love of their natural workspace and continued devotion to the conservation of it. 

We also highly recommend adding an additional, or second, same-day dive, for a nominal extra $50 dollars per diver. We find that those beginners who take a second dive are able to relax and enjoy their experience much more during their second dive.

Give Snorkeling a Try

Snorkeling is a great way to get children who may be too young, or inexperienced of swimmers, into an exploratory environment in the water. And while snorkeling is generally thought of as the less exotic cousin of scuba diving, the shallower waters used during snorkeling around the islands are nonetheless full of wildlife to explore and enjoy.

There are numerous places and outfits that are more than happy to arrange snorkeling excursions for the whole family. Be sure to reach out if you are looking for a good option local to you.

Picnic on the Beach

After a long day of learning about, and enjoying, the ocean, most families find a welcome respite and recharge in a beach front picnic. The best part is this need not be a fancy meal, most kids will be just as happy with a PB&J and a handful of grapes, (and tired parents will be happy not to have to cook!) 

This can also be a great time to reinforce things your family may have learned throughout the day, like the dangers of single use plastic on the ocean’s wildlife, and the importance of ocean conservation and the impact your own family can have.

One great beach for picnicking, is Ho’okipa Beach Park located at 179 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779. The beach has picnic tables, and restrooms available for those with tiny bladders,

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