Whale Watching Maui

Join us for an unforgettable whale watching experience in Maui, Hawaii.

Only $49.99/per person 

Best whale watching tour on Maui

$49.99 per person

Daily from November to April


 7am, 9:15am, 11:30am & 1:45pm

Approx. 2 hours

Mala Ramp, Lahaina, HI 96761

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Best whale watching in Maui

Intimate whale experience


Fun for your entire family


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Guaranteed whale sightings

Welcome to nature’s most spectacular gathering of whales

If you love wildlife, make sure you hop on a whale watching trip with us. You’ll admire the most wondrous creatures in the ocean as they manifest their truest natural behaviour, metres away from you.

Every year, from fall to April, the ocean surrounding Maui becomes the theatre for the most spectacular event mother nature has to offer.

Humpback’s love Maui

Over 10,000 humpback whales migrate from the cold Alaskan waters to the warmer Hawaiian climate to care and nurse their calves, in what’s the single largest gathering of whales in the world.

When it comes to whale watching, Maui has no rivals! 

whale watching maui

Set sail with us on our eco-conscious whale watching tour

We love the ocean, and we know you love it too!

We are a small nature-loving, family-run operation with years of experience in whale watching and an infinite passion for the ocean and its inhabitants.

We adore humpbacks, and cannot wait for the whale watching season to start, to share with you all our knowledge of these majestic creatures. Join us on the most authentic, meaningful, and unforgettable whale watching trip in Lahaina, Maui!

Best whale watching Humpback Maui

Embark on our fast, stable boat for the smoothest possible ride

Glide atop the ocean on the fastest, most comfortable boat departing from Mala Ramp; a stable, safe vessel that sits low on the water for maximum comfort, allowing for close-by interaction with the humpback whales.

Feel part of the team, as you search the water for breaching and spyhopping humpbacks right next to the captain and the crew, and prepare to get as close as 100 yards from the whales!


7 days a week

Monday – Sunday

4 great timeslots


7am – 9:15am

9:15am – 11:30am

11:30am – 1:45pm

1:45pm – 4pm


Mala Ramp, Lahaina, HI 96761

What is included in the whale watching tour


Up close whale sitings.


Information about Maui’s humpbacks from your marine naturalist captain and crew.


Hydrophone and speakers so you can hear the whale song.


Souvenir Dive Maui water bottle made from recycled plastic to keep you hydrated on the water.


Rain ponchos for inclimate weather.

What makes our whale watching tour special


Our crew has a true passion for marine life and a major love for Maui’s humpbacks.  Our enthusiam will bring your experience to life.


We are a family owned and operated business.  Our goal is to make memorable experiences for family’s, friends, and small groups to share.


Our boat is fast, rides low to the water, and holds a maximum number of 18 guests.  This means you will get to the whales quicker and feel closer to nature.

Our guests love our whale watching tours

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best whale watching trip in Lahaina.

Best 5 star review

We had the most amazing adventure with Dive Maui. The hosts were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the whale watching tour was the highlight of a 15-day vacation.

Mike Brixius

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

We had an incredible day whale watching. Randy and CJ were amazing. The whales came up close and personal. I would highly recommend them. The smaller boat and tour truly allowed everyone to see and experience the whales.

Laura Desmond

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Great whale watching trip with Dive Maui! Captain Joe and CJ were great—Very knowledgeable!!
Saw a ton of whales and their calves today out in the middle- lots of action!!

Maria Barr

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Loved going out on this spacious, comfortable boat — lots of room with great viewing from all sides of the boat, smooth ride and not like a big noisy boat that’s over packed with people. Our captain and guide did a great job at making sure we saw whales throughout the entire tour.

Laurie Pyle

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

I couldn’t believe how many whales we saw on this tour! I got some amazing videos thanks to CJ and Levi, the staff on board. I also learned a ton of cool things about whales and sea life in general around Maui. I would recommend this tour to anyone and everyone who gets a chance!

Sara Kern

From Facebook

Listen to the song of the humpback

Learn all the secrets and rules to approach wildlife in a respectful, natural way with our skilled team of professionals.

Once close to the humpbacks, listen to their amazing songs thanks to our hydrophone and speakers.

Did you know?
Male humpbacks are capable of producing the most complex song of the entire natural world!

best time to whale watching hawaii

With us, you’ll learn to love and respect the Ocean even more

Conscious of human impact on wildlife, we’ve sworn to do everything we can to protect what we call our second home – the ocean – by implementing the best possible practices in all of our whale watching trips.

That’s why you won’t find any single-use plastic bottles on our boat. Instead, we’ll provide you with a reusable bottle made of recycled plastic, for you to use during our trip and keep as a souvenir once the excursion is over.

It’s guaranteed. With us, you’ll have the best whale watching in Maui while causing minimum disturbance to our gigantic friends.

best time of day for whale watching in maui

Best whale watching tour on Maui

$49.99 per person

Daily from November to April


 7am, 9:15am, 11:30am & 1:45pm

Approx. 2 hours

Mala Ramp, Lahaina, HI 96761

Use code "DiveMaui15" and save extra 15%

Best whale watching in Maui

Intimate whale experience


Fun for your entire family


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Guaranteed whale sightings

What’s the best time of the day to see whales in Maui?

The secret to taking awesome videos and pictures of your whale watching trip

Humpback whales are diurnal animals, which means they tend to be active during the daytime. You have excellent chances of seeing them throughout the entire day, from the first morning lights until the sunset, after which it becomes too dark to spot them efficiently.

To take the best pictures and videos, you’ll want to be out at sea during the central hours, from 11 am until 3 pm, when the sun is at its zenith and the sunrays perpendicular to the water.

On a bright, sunny day, the sun rays penetrate the first few meters of the crystal-clear hawaiian waters, illuminating what lies below the surface. It will help you take stunning images, thanks to superior lighting intensity and conditions. 

Rock all day, sleep all night!

During the day, humpback whales love slapping the water with their tails and pectoral fins, pulling off amazing stunts, and interacting with other members of their pod. You could be right there next to them, capturing every moment on your camera!

At night, humpbacks slow down their activities and, even though it is still not clear how, they sleep. According to biologists, they can continue to swim and breathe as they snooze by letting one of their highly-developed brain’s hemispheres rest while the other one’s awake.

best time of the year for whale watching in Maui

What’s the best time of the year for whale watching on Maui?

Maui’s humpback season goes from October to April. The first humpback whales arrive near Maui as early as September and this is a trend that seems to have been consistent for the last couple of years. These guys are the early birds among humpbacks: you might be lucky, but there’s no guarantee you will see them in September. 

October and November:

The Whale season in Hawaii starts

In October, the sightings start to intensify as more and more humpbacks reach the Hawaiian waters, officially marking the beginning of the whale watching season.

By the end of November, the season is at its peak. A large number of humpback whales are now swimming around Maui.

The sightings happen almost daily, and travelers can admire these extraordinary creatures from the shore, hotels, or even better from a boat.

December, January, February:

The whale season peaks

December, January, and February are, without a doubt, the months with the highest number of humpbacks in Maui.

According to the most commonly accepted census, as many as 10,000 individuals populate Maui’s ocean in February, setting it as the best time for whale watching in Maui.

This unique congregation of giants happens only near Maui. 

March and April:

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

In March and April, things slow down again as the humpback whales start their journeys back to the colder waters up north.

Encounters are however still possible, but the frequency of the sightings reduces compared to the peak months.

Frequently Asked Questions on our Whale Watching Tours

What to wear when whale watching on Maui?

Wear adequate protection from the sun, such as a hat with a chinstrap, sunglasses, and suncream. Pack a sweater, a waterproof jacket, and some comfy rubber sole shoes.

We’ll provide the raincoats if needed. Things can get chilly and wet out there! Wise adventurers know that multi-layered, technical clothing is fundamental to have a great experience.

Don’t forget your camera and binoculars!

How important is it to book in advance?

Booking in advance is the best way to avoid frustration for not finding any places left. Especially if you are traveling during the high season, make sure you book well in advance! The sooner, the better.

What side of maui is best for whale watching?

Maui’s west coast is the best place to see humpback whales. We sail out from Mala Ramp in Lahaina: it is right in front of Maui Nui’s whales sanctuary, humpbacks’ favorite place on the Island!

What are the chances of seeing a whale on a whale watching tour?

From December to April, the chances of seeing one or more humpback whales are close to 100%. We are so confident about our captain’s spotting capabilities that, should we not see whales, we’ll take you out at sea again, for free!

Is it safe to swim with whales?

No. Swimming with whales is illegal and dangerous for both you as a human and the whale itself. Remember: We are guests in their home. 

Where to catch the boat for whale watching on Maui?

Our lightning-fast boat departs from Mala Ramp. That’s right in the heart of the town of Lahaina.

How much is a whale watching tour on Maui?

Our regular 2-hour whale watching trip on Maui costs $49,99 per person and includes a souvenir refillable water bottle for each one of our guests.

How long are whale watching trips?

The whale watching trip lasts 2 hours. That’s plenty of whale watching time!

What is best places to see whales in Hawaii?

In general, Hawaii is a great place to see whales. Maui, on the other side, is probably the best place in Hawaii to see them!

Is it possible to watch whales from shore on Maui?

Absolutely! You can spot whales from many points along Maui’s coastline. You’ll want to use binoculars or a camera with optical zoom for the best results; however, nothing compares to being out at sea, right next to them.

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