Two-tank dive tour at Molokini Crater Backwall

A must do charter for experienced divers, this advanced charter combines 2 of the most stunning dives in Maui County.  The Molokini Crater offers breathtaking drift dives as well as sightings of pelagic fish and rays. All in all a thrilling drift dive bottoming out at 300 feet with abundant wildlife.


Due to the tragic wildfires in August of 2023 our Molokini Backwall trip is suspended and will resume December 2024.

Mahalo for your understanding. We look forward to being on the water with you soon.

Why choose Dive Maui for your Molokini Crater Backwall Dive

Safety is our priority

Every diver is equipped with an SMB AND Nautilus rescue GPS. In the unlikely event of any separation, with a simple click of a button you can let the boat know you are up and where you are.

Small Group

Our dive groups are a maximum of 7 people and all dive guides are PADI Instructors.

80 Cubic Tanks

We provide all our divers with 80 cubic feet tanks. We don’t want your tank size to limit your bottom time! (Smaller tanks available upon request).

No rush

We don’t schedule afternoon charters — we provide a relaxed environment, no rush to get back to shore!

Food & Snacks

Food, snacks and complimentary reusable water bottles are available on the boat.

iPad briefings

We use iPads for our briefings to more easily identify what you are likely to see on your dive sites.

The Best Molokini Crater Backwall & Carthaginian Wreck Dive Tour

Diver $255




6 hours

1223 Front Street in Lahaina

Molokini Crater Back Wall

Intimate diving experience


Minimum age 16 years old


Rated 5 stars by our guests


For certified divers Advanced and above

With us, you’ll learn to love and respect the Ocean even more

Conscious of human impact on wildlife, we’ve sworn to do everything we can to protect what we call our second home – the ocean – by implementing the best possible practices in all of our diving trips.

That’s why you won’t find any single-use plastic bottles on our boat. Instead, we’ll provide you with a reusable bottle made of recycled plastic, for you to use during our trip and keep as a souvenir once the excursion is over.

It’s guaranteed. With us, you’ll have the best Molokini drift dives on Maui while causing minimum disturbance to the beautiful nature of Hawaii.

best time of day for whale watching in maui

Dive tour at Molokini Crater Back Wall

Both dives will be at Molokini, a partially submerged, crescent shaped, volcanic crater just off the coast of South Maui.  A Protected Marine Preserve, Molokini is home to over 260 marine animals and thriving corals underwater as well as rare birds above the surface.

The crater itself is made entirely of rock so the water surrounding it remains relatively undisturbed by sand and sediment, resulting in year-round visibility of 150 feet plus. The abundance of marine life, pristine waters, and proximity to Maui make Molokini a premier diving destination and one of our favorite boat dives.


Dive tour at Molokini Crater back wall

About Molokini Crater Back Wall 

Our 2 Tank Molokini Back Wall Dive is a world class wall and drift dive for advanced divers.  Many snorkel and SCUBA operators spend all their time inside the crater, but we believe and think you’ll agree, that Molokini’s Back Wall is one of the best dives in the world.  

Molokini Crater Back Wall

There is tons of life on the wall itself.  You can expect to find cool nudibranchs, pipefish, and endemic reef fish.  But it’s important to look into the blue too as this site is one of the best places for pelagics in Maui County.  We’ve been known to see whale sharks, mantas, Galapagos sharks, grey and whitetip reef sharks, and dolphins on our dives. 

During whale watching season on Maui (from December – May) you’ll dive to the soundtrack of whale song as it echoes off the crater. The site bottoms out at around 300 feet, but we will stick to a maximum depth of 100 feet for our dive. 


For experienced divers

Our Molokini Back Wall 2 Tank Trip is for experienced divers in good physical condition who hold an Advanced Certification, have 25 logged dives, and have been boat diving in the last 6 months.  Divers must have good buoyancy control and air consumption and be able to easily enter and exit the water wearing their dive gear.  We do not take snorkelers on this charter.

Molokini Crater Back Wall diving

The best maui dive company for Molokini Crater Back Wall 

Dive Maui has been diving Maui County by boat since 1991.  Our experienced team of Captains and Instructors are experts at spotting the best wildlife and showing you Maui County’s hidden gems underwater and topside.

Our group sizes are small, no more than 7 divers per guide, so you’ll receive personalized attention from your instructor who will guide you on two exceptional advanced dives and answer your questions about marine life.

Plus, the Dive Maui team knows divers like to dive; we’re the only company that allows for extended dives on the Back Wall so you can optimize your bottom time.  

Location: Molokini Back Wall 

Depth: Max Depth 100 feet

Visibility: 100 feet +

Who it’s for: Divers aged 16 and up who hold an advanced certification, have 25 logged dives, have been boat diving in the last 6 months, and are physically able to enter and exit the water wearing SCUBA gear.

What makes it special: A thrilling drift dive on a stunning wall with a sheer vertical drop and tons of marine life. 


1223 Front st, Lahaina

Our guests love our Dive tour at Molokini Crater Back Wall 

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best Dive tour at Molokini Crater back wall in Lahaina.

Best 5 star review

I had a great time diving with Dive Maui last week. I did a 2 tank dive just south of Lanai. Our guide Dom made sure to point out cool things, including lobsters, a reef shark and a large snail eating a sea anemone. 

Amanda Carson

From Google

Best 5 star review

Best dive ever. Nine divers, 4 staff, two in the water, means better service than a 5 star restuarant. Courteous, competent, friendly. They know their stuff, love to pass on their knowledge, and just care while still having fun. Oh, and a hundred dolphins frolicked through our dive group at Cathedral!

Larry Reilly

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Great operation for divers.

No cattle boat feel, wonderfully personal and no setting of 40 minute bottom times. If you love to boat dive, this is your place while diving the west side of Maui, Lanai and Molokai.

Dave Schubert

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

We did 2 tank lanai cathedral dive in Feb 2020. Professional staff and good quality equipment. Dives were adjusted to the level of divers, their experience and physiological capabilities. Great atmosphere and tasty snacks on ship!

Wiktor P

From TripAdvisor

What is included in the tour


Two dives at Molokini Back Wall.


Snacks during the surface interval (Lunch available for an additional fee)


Reusable souvenir water bottle


Rain ponchos for inclement weather


Option to rent SCUBA equipment for an additional fee


SMB (surface marker buoy) for each diver as a safety measure


Nautilus Rescue GPS for each diver as safety measure

What makes this tour special


Experienced instructors and captains who love what they do and love sharing it with you.


Small group sizes and individualized attention so you have fun and feel safe.


Maximized bottom time, your air and your deco rule your dives.  If you have enough air you can have 2 hour long dives.


Current rental equipment.  Our BCD’s have integrated weights and regulators have dive computers so you are comfortable in the water.


Conservation oriented.  Our crew cares about the health of the ocean ecosystem and does our best to have eco friendly practices.

Frequently Asked Questions on our Molokini Crater back wall tour

How deep is the backside of Molokini Crater?

The backside of Molokini Crater bottoms out at 300 feet, but we will keep our dive to a maximum depth of 100 feet and an average depth of 60 feet.

Are there sharks at Molokini Crater?

Yes! We often encounter white tips, black tips, and even rarer tiger sharks.

Where is the Molokini wall?

The Molokini Back Wall is about an hours boat ride from Mala Ramp off the coast of South Maui.

Can you swim to Molokini?

Though Molokini is close to land from Maui’s south shore, it is not safe to swim to the crater due to currents and wind.

How long is the boat ride to Molokini?

The boat ride to the crater is about an hour from Mala Ramp.

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