Night Dive on Maui

Ever wondered what the fish do when the sun goes down?  Dive Maui at night and experience how awesome the ocean is after dark for yourself. 

Best Night Dive on Maui


Mondays and Thursdays


6pm (varies with season)

2 hours

Meet at our dive shop 1223 Front Street

Night dive Maui

The more you dive with us, the more you save!  

 *All refunds are made, by request, after the last day of diving. Refunds must be fulfilled within 30 days to be valid.

10% off a 2 hour whale watch for boat and shore dive guests

5% refund for 2 days of diving
10% refund for 3 days of diving
15% refund for 4 days of diving
20% refund for 5 days of diving


Intimate diving experience


Rental gear including torches


Rated 5 stars by our guests


Personalized attention in small groups

See a whole new side of the ocean

Ever wondered what the fish do when the sun goes down? While many fish do hide or sleep, others come out to hunt.  Animals like eels, sharks, and lobster are more active at night – not to mention the spectacular bioluminescence. 

Best Night Diving Destination

The Dive Maui team loves diving and all of our dives have the potential to be one hour long, air permitting. Unless otherwise requested, our night dives are conducted on 80’s (standard size tanks) which means you can expect close to an hour underwater.

All our shore dives are private or in small groups of no more than 4 divers so you’ll get the most out of your experience. Smaller groups make it easier for your PADI professional to give you individualized attention and point out the cool stuff.

Previous night dive experience isn’t required as long as you’re Open Water Certified. Your instructor will do a thorough night dive procedural and site briefing before each dive.

The time of the sunset does change seasonally, but for most of the year we will meet at 6pm for our night dives. Please check in with the shop the day before your dive to confirm the start time as it does shift.

What is included in the tour


Rental gear including torches


Dive briefing and site orientation by your Dive Maui instructor


Personalized attention in small or private groups

What makes this tour special


Experienced instructors who love what they do and love sharing it with you.


Small group sizes and individualized attention so you have fun and feel safe.


 Current rental equipment.  Our BCD’s have integrated weights and regulators have dive computers so you are comfortable in the water.


Conservation oriented.  Our crew cares about the health of the ocean ecosystem and does our best to have eco friendly practices.

Our guests love our Night Dive on Maui

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best Night Dive in Lahaina.

Best 5 star review

Did a day of boat diving and a whale watch the next day. Both were fantastic. Great staff, nice boats. Can’t wait to come back.

Mike Eckhaus

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

We had the most amazing adventure with Dive Maui. The hosts were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the whale watching tour was the highlight of a 15-day vacation

Mike Brixius

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

5 stars for Dive Maui— perfect afternoon trip. CJ and d Capt Joe were great. Thanks for a memorable adventure

Marybeth Devlin Leonard

From Facebook

Best 5 star review

Yes!!!! Wonderful morning with Levi and Dom. Nice small group. Whales, Turtles etc…….SUPER! Can’t brag enough.

Becky George

From TripAdvisor

Best 5 star review

Best dive ever. Nine divers, 4 staff, two in the water, means better service than a 5 star restuarant. Courteous, competent, friendly.

Larry Reilly

From Facebook

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