Scuba Refresher Programs in Lahaina, Maui

It is important to review dive theory, scuba skills and dive equipment after an absence from diving both for your safety and comfort. Dive Maui in Lahaina offers two ways to do so: the basic Scuba Refresher or the PADI ReActivate Program.

Brush Up Your Diving Skills with a Scuba Refresher Program!

If it has been awhile since you have been diving, or if you don’t yet have very many dives, it is important to review dive theory, skills, and scuba equipment to ensure your safety and comfort while under the water.

A scuba refresh is also a great way to prepare for our Molokini Backwall boat dive or a Night Dive off the Maui shore.

Dive Maui offers two options for those who haven’t been diving in a while: the Scuba Review program and the PADI ReActivate program.

Which is a better fit for you depends on how long it has been since your last dive and how many dives you have done. Both programs are described below, but feel free to give us a call to discuss these options as well!

Scube Review

Scuba Review

A brief review of basic theory and skills. Ideal for those with few dives or for when your last dive was within the past several years.

$140 for scuba review and a shore dive. $50 extra for a second shore dive.
2-4 hours
Meet at our dive shop
ADI Reactivate diving course

The PADI ReActivate Program

A detailed review of theory and intermediate skills. Ideal for those with more than a couple of years since the last dive or those with 10 or fewer dives.

$250 for PADI ReActivate. $50 extra for a second shore dive
Wednesday or Saturday. *If this doesn’t work for you please contact us as we are often able to offer on other days.
3-5 hours
Meet at our dive shop

Scuba Review Details

Dive Maui’s scuba review is modeled after the PADI Discover Scuba dive program. Usually, this program is for beginners who are not certified.

It includes a brief theory review at the dive shop and then brief skill practice in shallow water before going on an open water dive with a PADI Instructor.

This is a great option for certified divers who have not been diving for awhile or who don’t have many dives and would benefit from a brief refresh on the basics of scuba diving.

Scuba Review details

The scuba review includes a thorough briefing reviewing hand signals, dive equipment, the effects of pressure on the body and safe and efficient dive practices.

There will also be a skill review at the beginning of the dive in shallow water allowing you to practice equalizing, clearing the mask, recovering and clearing the regulator, and basic buoyancy skills.

Upon skill completion you will do a shore dive where you will be able to put these skills to work. Remember to relax and breathe slowly and deeply.

What makes this lesson special

Your Dive Maui instructor will take extra time to review scuba theory and signals, to answer all of your questions and fill in the things you may have forgotten since your last dive or course.

In the water, you will practice basic skills to gain confidence before heading out for your dive. With small groups (no more than 4 people), you will set the pace and the instructor will work with you until you feel comfortable and confident.

Unlike a scuba review conducted in a swimming pool, you will head right out for an ocean dive following your review and already have a chance to enjoy the beauty that the Maui ocean has to offer!


Scuba theory review


Skill review in shallow water


Private or small groups


Rental gear and a shore dive included

The PADI ReActivate Program with Dive Maui

If it has been a long time since your last dive or if you have completed fewer dives and would like a more detailed review, we recommend completing the PADI ReActivate program.

PADI ReActivate includes a very detailed eLearning component which will review all aspects of scuba diving from how it affects your body, to equipment and skills, and much more and includes photos, videos, and short quizzes.

The program monitors your responses and moves on when you are spot on or delivers more detailed information if you were not quite right. You will complete this online review before your arrival in Maui and the program is yours to keep and review in the future as well.

PADI Reactivate program Maui

PADI ReActivate Details

Once here in Maui, a PADI instructor will provide the hands-on portion of the PADI ReActivate program. You will have a brief theory review to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Next, you will practice setting up gear and then get into shallow water for a detailed skill review. You will review mask and regulator skills, out of air, and buoyancy skills as well as emergency procedures and hand signals.

After skill completion, you can go for a dive and look for turtles, fish, octopus,and white tip reef sharks all while perfecting your buoyancy control.

Best of all when the PADI refresher course is complete, you will receive an updated PADI certification card indicating the date of your ReActivation.

What makes PADI ReActivate special

The PADI ReActivate program includes a detailed eLearning module that is yours to keep and review in the future. In addition, your Dive Maui instructor will take extra time to review what you learned and ensure your understanding and comfort.

In the water, you will practice and perfect your mask, regulator buoyancy, and emergency skills to gain confidence before heading out for a shore dive. The PADI ReActivate is always conducted in small groups (no more than 4 people), to ensure that you get the most out of your scuba refresh.

You will also have the option to add a second scuba dive (without any required skill practice) for $50 per person to put everything you learned into practice and enjoy the ocean and all Maui has to offer underwater!

Finally, to commemorate your review, you will receive an updated PADI Certification Card with a new picture and new date showing that you have ReActivated your scuba theory and skills!


Detailed PADI eLearning included


Improve your skills in paradise


Private or small groups


Gear and updated PADI Certification Card included

Our students love our Scuba Refresher Programs

Over the years, we’ve shared the passion for the ocean with countless adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts like you. And, thanks to all the feedback and reviews, the good and the bad, we can keep on the right track and provide you with the best Scuba Refresher Programs on Maui. 

Best 5 star review

Can’t say enough about Dive Maui. I took the two day open water cert. The instructor is an exceptional teacher, a total pro and fun to be with. I will definitely be back and recommend Dive Maui to anyone who wants a top tier dive outfit. 

Peter S.

From TripAdvisor

Best 5 star review

Did my PADI certification with Dive Maui. Super professional, thorough, attentive and supportive. A great time too!! 

Scott B.

From TripAdvisor

Best 5 star review

We had a fantastic experience getting PADI certified at Dive Maui. Very glad that we found Dive Maui! Diving was the highlight of our trip and the exercises and learning that were a part of getting certified were fun while being informative. I cannot recommend Dive Maui enough.

Gustav D

From Google

Best 5 star review

Excellent diving experience. Did OW certification shore dives. Saw numerous turtles, some sharks, and many other fish and crustaceans. Small, but top notch operation 

Kenneth J.

From Google

Best 5 star review

Great operation, total professionals, but relaxed. My instructor was awesome and made me feel relaxed. The teaching style is perfect. Over three days I saw sharks, octopus and some incredible underwater rock formations. I would recommend Dive Maui and I will be back. 


From Google

Frequently Asked Questions on Scuba Refresher Programs

What is the difference between a PADI ReActivate and a Scuba Review Program?

The Dive Maui Scuba Review program includes a brief theory and skill review prior to your shore dive. 

The PADI ReActivate program includes a thorough PADI eLearning component prior to arrival in Maui as well as a detailed theory review and skill review in shallow water prior to your shore dive. 

Both programs have the option of adding a second dive for $50 per person.

What skills are required for a PADI ReActivate?

In addition to equalization, regulator recovery and clearing, and buoyancy skills you will review emergency skills such as out of air and emergency weight drop. Your instructor will discuss other skills with you and review any that you wish to ensure your comfort in the water. 

Does PADI scuba certification expire?

No. Your PADI certification never expires. As a certified diver, you must ensure your comfort and safety in the water and should refresh your skills whenever you have had an extended absence from diving. 

Do I get a new PADI certification card?

You will receive a new PADI certification card with the PADI ReActivate program with an updated photo and the date of your ReActivation. 

The Dive Maui Scuba Review program does not include a new certification card. 

How often do I need a scuba refresher?

This depends on how much scuba experience you have: how many dives you have done and how long it has been since your last dive.

How much does a Scuba Refresh program cost?

The Dive Maui Scuba Review program is $140.

The PADI ReActivate program, including the PADI eLearning and updated PADI certification card is $250. 

Both programs offer a second shore dive for $50 per person.

What is the minimum age?

10 years old for certified divers.

Is diving gear included?

Yes, rental gear is included with both programs.

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