PADI Sidemount Diver Course

Originally designed for cave diving, sidemount is an equipment configuration that enables the diver to wear their cylinders on the side of the body instead of on the back.  

It typically involves 2 cylinders, although the configuration is possible with a single cylinder.

One of the main benefits of a sidemount configuration is the significant reduction in a diver’s vertical profile, helping establish and maintain proper horizontal trim.  

Advantages to sidemount

Streamlining: The entire sidemount system is designed to be completely streamlined. Diving a sidemount configuration requires a minimalist approach, so BCDs and harnesses have smaller profiles than the standard backmount equipment.

Comfort: Your back is more flexible in sidemount equipment since there is nothing rigid (tank or backplate) held against it.  Cylinders can be easily donned in-water, eliminating the need to walk around with heavy equipment.

Safety:  With two completely independent cylinders and regulators, sidemount provides a redundant system and safer gas management.  All valves and regulators are directly in front of the diver, resulting in easier management of gear and gas supply. A faulty regulator or cylinder becomes a minor problem instead of a major emergency.

Versatility: With further training and additional equipment, the same BCD and harness system can be used in other scuba applications, such as technical, wreck, and cave diving.

Lightweight: Gear is typically lighter and less bulky, making it ideal for travel, shore diving, and diving from small boats with limited space.

We offer the PADI sidemount course as part of the sidemount package which includes 2 shore dives and 2 boat dives.

Commonly asked questions

-What is the minimum age of the course?

15 years.

-What certification do I need?

You must be open water certified to enroll in this course.

-How long is the course?

The sidemount course is 2 days.  The first day we will dive from shore, practice skills, and complete 2 dives.  The second day we take the dive boat to Lanai and complete 2 training dives.